How Your Thinking Impacts Freelance Writing Profits

Why you have to care about how your brain works and what you need to know about how it sets you up for failure or success

You are the owner of the most complex thing in the world: a brain.

It’s right there, in your head, but although it’s always with you, it either works to help you thrive, or it will make you fail.

Friend. Or foe.

It all depends on how it’s been programmed, and how much of it is faulty...

Although it rules your existence in terms of health, relationships, emotions and freelance writing success, like all of us, it’s unlikely you understand how it works, and more importantly in this case, how it impacts your freelance writing earning capability.

And so it is necessary to understand how your brain will enable you, or disable you.

But before we get to more on the brain, let’s take a look at why you should care…

Why freelance writers fail

According to Statistic Brain Research Institute, within 5 years, you will either succeed or fail at freelance writing. And the primary reasons are due to:

  1. A lack of focus around what matters
  2. Not motivated enough; no passion
  3. Lack of commitment
  4. Being too prideful to be teachable
  5. Listening and taking the advice of the wrong people
  6. Not having a good mentor to help guide you
  7. Not thinking of your freelance writing as a business, so you don’t treat it like a business and therefore you lack general business knowledge: finance, operations, and marketing skills

Now to tie it up: the reasons why freelance writers fail, all boil down to how the brain works.

And that is why you have to care about how your brain works to either set you up for failure, or for success.

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Claire Carradice
Claire Carradice

6 Years ago, Claire started freelance writing, and evolved it into a complete business based on content, and she did it without capital. Today she still writes SEO content, but her passion is around providing marketing solutions for small business owners and freelance writers.

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